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Billy Worthington, The Boy Who Could Float

Book series are more popular than ever. Since the days of the first Harry Potter and the many books that followed, writers have aimed to create beloved characters that will carry an entire series.

I have two book series myself and both have three books in total. Another two books could be added at any time with great ease. This is because writers spend so much time with their characters that by a third book, the character is practically writing his own future.

An excellent example from my series would be Billy. Billy Worthington lives in my Sophie Mae Adventure Series and is the younger brother of Dink, Sophie Mae’s new best friend. He can make himself invisible and float like a balloon!

In The Most Spectacular Traveling Box, Billy is a runt of a kid. Finding trouble and one upping his sister makes for a great day. He’s not a bad kid, just a boundary pusher, and great fun to watch!

Times change in The Most Perilous Sideshow. It’s 1937 and Billy becomes a big brother. Now he has a protégé to pass on his prankster skills, hoping to teach the boy how to make the most of his youth. But a near fatal accident changes his mind. Billy wants to become a big brother worth looking up to.

1939 is the setting for The Most Mystifying Potion. Billy has decided he wants to stop hiding behind magic and be of service to the country. Joining the Civilian Conservation Corps has taught Billy skills outside of thumbtacks on chairs. Two years of building structures in the National Parks gave him the confidence to mature and help pull the country out of the Great Depression.

Billy’s transition from prankster to trusted adult is nothing short of magic!

This is where Billy’s story ends for the reader, but not for me, the writer. I know exactly what the future has in store for this background character, and I’ll give you a little hint.

The Sophie Mae books are always two years apart. This means a new book would take place in 1941―a year of big change, some of which is alluded to throughout the series. A book five would see Billy enter the military. With World War II on the horizon, he needs to protect the loved ones in his life. Now I won’t give away the rest because I do plan on writing two more books at some point, and you won’t believe what happens!

Billy is just one of the characters in my series that I hold dear. Each character has a special something that sets them apart and makes me smile when I think about them.

Are these the words of a crazy person? Maybe, but a rich imagination requires a little bit of crazy!

Want to read more about Billy? You can start the Sophie Mae Series with a free short story, The Most Magical Beginning. This prequel is not a must read to understanding the series, but it does add to the characters.