Big Task, Small Step
February 12, 2023 by Mason Bell

Fifteen chapters already?!

Writing one chapter a month on Hudson’s Pirate Adventure reinforced ideas secretly placed in my subconscious, no doubt by my parents decades ago.

Number One-Making time for those you love always pays off! You might not know, but this pirate story is my husband’s idea. We’ve had hours of fun dreaming up the plot, but at the end of the day, it’s my job to write the finished product. Having creative control means I can veto extreme ideas like magic ink being made from mermaid poop. Gotta draw the line somewhere! The finished book on my shelf will remind me of the great time we had.

Number Two-Big tasks are best broken into manageable parts. While working on Book Three of my Galactic Fun Park series, I wanted a head start on Hudson’s book. Switching between stories and writing them full-time would have exploded my brain. Writing in chunks has made this two-book year possible.

Number Three-The holidays are a huge black hole stuffed full of good intent! October made it clear I should write the holiday chapters of Hudson’s Pirate Adventure in advance. Doing so gave me the ability to revisit Number One on this list-make time for the things you love. Putting in a few extra hours before the rush of the holidays gave me the ability to vacation with my family and spend time with much-loved friends.

What big move are you putting off? Maybe this is the day you make small steps toward that goal. And in no time, you will be surprised by what you’ve accomplished!