Bears…Oh My!
June 16, 2024 by Mason Bell

For those who’ve been here a minute, you know I’m a proud Texan—a suburban-raised, only ridden a horse once, Texan. Raccoons, squirrels, and a few stray box turtles are the extent of my ‘wild animal’ encounters.

But as much as I love this Great State, the temper tantrums Texas has been throwing for the last few summers have us running for the hills, literally!

Last year, we bought a house in Northeastern Pennsylvania where turkeys and deer roam free during the day, and skunks stink up at night.

From the safety of the living room window, the husband and I laugh at critters’ antics, guessing what they eat and where they sleep, not bothering to set down our coffee for a quick Google search.

You know, old people stuff.

I nearly spit my coffee upon discovering a new visitor. Bears! The fiercest creatures we have in my part of Texas are yellow jackets, and if you’ve never had a run-in with one of those guys, count yourself lucky.

But bears?

Do you have any advice for living near bears?

I’m certainly tossing all the honey-scented shampoos!