Plot Filter
February 26, 2024 by Mason Bell

Whether from the evening news or an internet article, tales of life on this Class M planet ignite my imagination and engage the Plot Filter that is my brain. And did we have a giant tale this week!

Odysseus, the unmanned spacecraft, toppled as it tried to land according to plan. It happens. But my Plot Filter wants more—a middle grade story that totally changes the narrative of the events. Something exciting and adventurous with a pinch of technology thrown in just because! Wanna see what it came up with…

Plot One: Space Monkeys

The AI Robotic Primate, a nod to tradition, was part of Odysseus’ payload, offering researchers the chance to delve into the Mechanical Mammal’s capabilities in autonomous flight and spacecraft landing. But when the spacecraft topples unexpectedly, the AI Primate ingeniously seizes a container of spare robot parts, vaults from the spacecraft, and seeks refuge within a moon cave. Across time, our simian companion engineers a cadre of smaller AI Primates, collaborating to construct an innovative spacecraft for further exploration. This marks the inception of the extraordinary Intergalactic Band of Space Monkeys!

Plot Two: Astronaut Moon Mania

In the heart of the lunar core, a thriving community of diminutive Moon Men gaze intently at the surveillance footage capturing the rugged lunar surface, waiting for the creatures that typically emerge from the machines. But no space creatures grace the screens. Several miles beneath the moon’s crust, Moon Babies, clad in spacesuits and NASA-themed diapers, sob, fearing the space creatures had escaped. A courageous band of Moon Men embark on a journey through catacombs, emerging from the lunar caves with determination. As they reach the spacecraft, frustration ensues when the door’s locking mechanism proves elusive. Time ticks away. The Moon Men muster the swirling wind with their elongated fingers, forcing the craft sideways and bringing the lock within reach. The metal door is pried open only to discover an empty vessel.

What was a day of parades and festivities now transforms into a day of mourning, as the space creatures that captivate their world remain elusive. Researchers at the Space Creature Exhibit Hall justify their positions until they can replace the last specimens collected nearly fifty years ago.

My Plot Filter works 24/7 collecting characters, wounds, and story lines. Imagination takes no vacation days, but it keeps life interesting!