Galactic Fun Park-Book Three

Galactic Fun Park-Book Three

by Mason Bell

Galactic Fun Park animals are living their most luxurious life. Eating fresh pickles straight from the jar. Test riding coasters with the friendly mechanics. Having their every need met by the Animal Advocate.

Even The Jenkins retirement fails to dampen their excitement for the upcoming summer season. After all, the new manager promises to continue the work of the longtime leader―even offering morning coffee with extra almond milk!

But rotten pecans speak louder than words.

Each day sees another beloved staff member fired. Favored holiday events are canceled at the last minute. Ticket sales take a nosedive. Worst of all, food shortages spread across all sections.

Leaders from all sections are left scratching their tails.

Why is the new manager always on the phone with investors? Is the stranger digging by the stream trying to be gobbled up by an alligator?

And what is a diamond, anyway?