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Galactic Fun Park-Book Two

Attendance at the park has grown,

but so have the dangers from within.

When Galactic Fun Park bulldozes the west woods…

…Jenkins struggles with his place in the park.

But does that matter when a vengeful alligator is on the loose?

Plans for the new section are being carried out. Land is cleared and heavy machinery rolls through the park’s walkways. But the placement of a few rides is the least of his problems.
Residents begin to disappear.
A leader dies in their own section.
Finger-pointing and damming clues threaten to disrupt the delicate peace between the park’s four sections. An investigation into the disappearances is underway, but will finding the culprit matter when the animal-friendly Jenkins plans to retire, leaving their future unsettled?
You’ll love this fast-paced Middle-Grade sequel to Galactic Fun Park-Book One—perfect for quiet reading or aloud to groups.