Galact Fun Park-Book Two

Galact Fun Park-Book Two

by Mason Bell

When Galactic Fun Park bulldozes the west woods, Jenkins is forced to question his place in the park. But when a vengeful alligator starts attacking visitors, Jenkins’ problems are just beginning.

As plans for the new section move forward, residents of the park begin to disappear, and tensions rise between the four sections. When a beloved leader dies, finger-pointing and damning clues threaten to tear the park apart.

With an investigation underway, Jenkins must decide whether to stay and fight for the park’s future or retire and leave their fate uncertain. Will Jenkins and his friends be able to uncover the truth behind the disappearances and stop the alligator before it’s too late?

Join Jenkins and the rest of the park’s residents on a thrilling adventure filled with danger, mystery, and unexpected twists. This fast-paced Middle-Grade sequel to Galactic Fun Park-Book One is perfect for quiet reading or reading aloud to groups.