The Most Magical Beginning

The Most Magical Beginning

by Mason Bell

George the Great Cain was a man of many talents, which began in the thrilling world of Spenwaller’s Traveling Circus. For a decade, he had dazzled audiences of all ages with his science/magical abilities, but as the Great Depression raged on, he felt restless. He needed to find a new purpose in life, something that would bring him even greater adventure and excitement.

Ernest Wade had always felt like a misfit in the world, an orphan who had never truly found his place. Even the bright lights and lively crowds of the circus couldn’t quell his restless spirit, and as the economic downturn took its toll, he began to feel even more adrift.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Drycrop, Sophie Mae Bastrop was struggling to adapt to a world that was rapidly changing around her. As the climate grew hotter and drier by the day, she found herself in the mist of sorrow. That’s when the Spenwaller Circus rolled into town, bringing with it a night of magic and intrigue that would change her life forever.

Will they find the place where they truly belong, or will they be forever lost in the swirling chaos of the big top? Only time will tell in this unforgettable adventure.