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The Most Magical Beginning

All stories have a past.

Since leaving the university chemistry department, George the Great Cain had found a home in Spenwaller’s Traveling Circus. The lively crowds ranging from the very old to the newest of babies highlighted every moment of his life for the last decade. But times were changing, and the life of a traveling showman wore thin. George needed more out of life than the long hours working for peanuts.

Ernest Wade, only a few years older than George and orphaned at a young age, the circus offered family and shelter, objects that grew more unsteady as the economic depression raged onward. Discontent followed the man throughout his life, and even the bright lights of the circus couldn’t heal his spirit.

In the town of Drycrop, Sophie Mae Bastrop finds herself in the throes of change. The climate grows hotter and drier by the day, and her usual way of life starts to fade. When the Spenwaller Circus rolls into town, a night of magic and intrigue may be just what she needs.
Under a single Big Top, three unlikely characters embark on a journey of self-discovery to find the place where they belong.