The Most Mystifying Potion

The Most Mystifying Potion

by Mason Bell

For the last six years, George the Great has enjoyed creating magic potions for Sophie Mae and the other Gardenia residents, shielding them from the ravages of the Great Depression. Serving those in need through local charities and building housing units for the homeless of Evenland had kept them busy, but hard choices lie ahead.

Billy returns home from the CCC after two years with a new friend. Gabe is Amish and stepping into the larger world for the first time. As Sophie Mae tries to convince him the estate’s magic is real, she learns the potions are fading on every front. The imagination room no longer reads thoughts, and residents are shedding their side effects.

On the cusp of a new decade, the rains return to the plains, and Sophie Mae finds the idea of reviving her farm distressing but necessary. The plant growth potion seems the perfect choice for reseeding the farm. But the potion could fade like the others.

Time is against her as she rushes to Drycrop before the potion is non effective. Returning to her home unsettles Sophie Mae. Does she still long to grow old on the family farm? Have other opportunities emerged, throwing her future into flux? Has the potion meant to save her from the chaos inadvertently created more?