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The Most Perilous Sideshow

Sometimes magic is all that can save you.

It’s 1937, two years since Sophie Mae lost her memories of the Drycrop Farm to the Most Spectacular Traveling box. Life in the Gardenia Estate continues to amaze with its talking elephant and circus magician who tinkers in his lab to find a growth potion for the country’s ailing farms. But Change has overtaken the estate, and the timing could not be worse.

A stranger has come to the small town of Evenland in search of a potion to revive his own country ravaged by the Great War. Having an informant inside the estate sends the invisible residents into confusion as they try to understand the betrayal of a loved one.

Join Sophie Mae and her Gardenia family as they search for answers and uncover the most perilous of sideshows-the need for acceptance at all costs.