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The Most Spectacular Traveling Box

Sometimes magic is all that can save you.

It’s been two years since The Most Magical Beginning, and the small town of Drycrop continues to disappear under the daily sand storms blowing across the parched land. Food and water shortages make life nearly impossible for Sophie Mae, who struggles to survive alone.

Thousands of miles north, George the Great works and lives at the Gardenia Estate, where the perfection of his chemistry skills are encouraged. Unlike the frivolity of the circus, the implications of his work are dire. With the owner of the estate dead, he is tasked with retrieving her only living relative and heir, Sophie Mae.

Spending months locked in his basement laboratory, George stumbles onto the right potion, putting his own travel box into service, delivering the second to the Drycrop farm.

Going about her daily chores, Sophie Mae trips over the box left in front of her door. Taking it inside, its beautiful porcelain and gold trim prove intriguing.

Unwittingly speaking the magic activation word, the box flashes and transports her to the estate. The sweet smell of peaches and apples rumbles her stomach, but the unsettledness of being watched haunts her every step.

The unsettledness of being watched haunts her every step.

Searching the home for answers, tile mosaics that move, and bottomless glasses of water set her on edge. But encountering her dead grandma on the third floor drives her from the heavenly estate.

Wanting to return to the false safety of her Drycrop Farm, Sophie Mae has to decide her future. Is returning to the desolate farm such a good idea? Would it be wise to leave past behind to hide away in the seemingly haunted estate?