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Vellum Formatting

While learning any new technology is challenging, you won’t find an easier program than Vellum to format your books. I’ve used it for four books and plan to use it as long as they offer the software.

In my attempts to convince you of this truth, I have made a ‘book’ to show how to format in Word to make uploading to Vellum super easy.

Book baby’s need lots of love, and formating is the biggest hurdle from hobby writer to published author!

Grab the PDF I wrote with Word in about an hour-don’t judge! It gives you tips and tricks about basic formatting in Word to make the upload to Vellum go off without a hitch.

Then gaze upon My Book made straight from the previous PDF. It is the paperback version because most people have trouble opening epubs.

I made a few tweaks inside the Vellum program, but I mention those on the document so you could see the changes. The main thing to notice is that every chapter is in order without any help. They align just as I set them to in the Word document. It still needs some tweaking with headers and spacing to look like a real book, but the heavy lifting is done.

You can see a finished version in any of my free eBooks on my website in case you’re interested.

Vellum is a great option for those hoping to keep costs low and still produce a great product. I am not selling Vellum or getting any kind of anything for this post. Helping others save time and money is my main goal.